January 31st, 2002

the only earth?

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Today is Thursday, the day when I have more time that I realize until it's too late.

I started the day by finishing my assignment for my afternoon class. When that was done, I still had some time. So I had some zany soup-making adventures in the kitchen. The zaniness was that none of my pots were big enough to accommodate the recipe because a quart is not a cup. By the time I'd compensated, it was too late to eat any of it. Guess who's having crappy minestrone for dinner?

Class was unexciting. I'm picking up the bad habit of attempting crossword puzzles during lecture. This will have to stop. Midterms are next week.

I just got back from jogging, so I'm going to try to use my remaining/newfound energy to accomplish something.
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the only earth?

evening endorsement

I know that they sold out to the man, but go out and buy yourself a pint of Ben & Jerry's "The Full VerMonty" anyway. You cannot really go wrong when you've got cream as the top ingredient followed closely by maple syrup, pralined pecans and caramel. What better way to get 24% of your daily fat intake?

It's a limited batch, so don't waste another minute -- your local convenience store awaits.