January 27th, 2002

the only earth?

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Today I continued my "cold grey weekends justify paid entertainment" adventures by going to see In The Bedroom. This was a big contrast to yesterday's hypercolorful whimsical Amelie. The colors of In the Bedroom are almost bleak, the shots are simple and well-composed, and the pace is slow but punctuated by huge emotional events.

After the movie I read through another batch of STF proposals. I guess it's just one of the burdens of being on a committee that is all about student power. Anyway, the reading was balanced with good music and warm tasty beverages at Solstice; so it was a little more enjoyable than sitting at home reading about the desperate need for student LCD projectors.

Now I guess I should do some homework of the academic variety. Homework, soup, and laundry -- what a Sunday evening!
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