January 10th, 2002

the only earth?

cool like that

So, I thought that I'd be compulsive and copy some stuff from my old blog into this livejournal. Except that I forgot about backdating them, so everything was a little chaotic for a while there. Well, I think that most of that process is over, so all of your favorite Stalkers Read My Mind Classics have been brought over for complete enjoyment by all.

Okay -- now I'm out to engage in some commerce. I can feel a cold sore approaching and I hope that the local pharmacy will have some magic medicine to stop it in its evil tracks.
the only earth?

I'm such a TV geek

finally survivor is over -- and Ethan won! I think that's the only time that I picked the winner from the beginning. Anyway, I knew that when old Kim won the challenges it was all set for Ethan to win. The problem with this season is that there really wasn't a ridiculously cute underdog in the mold of sweet Colleen to root for. Okay, now I can move on with my so-called life.

Except -- I took out my contacts a few minutes ago which is making it really difficult to find my glasses. Being able to see things is an important component of finding them.

Tonight I think that I bought some abbreva, the most expensive cold-sore medication known to humankind. Let's hope that it actually works. Cold sores are evil.
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