January 9th, 2002

the only earth?

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oh boy - except for having to use an alarm to wake up, this early class thing is fun! I an automatic feeling of accomplishment.

For instance, today after class I headed downtown (on an express bus -- the joy of the am) and got some work done and had a couple of meetings. After that I went back to campus for GPSS where the big Tech Fee resolution passed without any controversy. For the record, the new basement at the HUB is amazingly swanky.

Carrying this motivation thing to it's irrational limits, I went back home and decided to take advantage of the dry weather by going running. Now I'm a little coughy from being out in the cold without proper clothing, but I'll have no guilt about vegging out for the West Wing. If I'm super-cool I'll even do some reading for class AND make some progress on my fun book of the moment, Moby Dick.
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