January 5th, 2002

the only earth?

happy perihelion

... is what the guy on the news said tonight. Evidently, this is the closest we get to the sun.

I celebrated by cleaning up all of the piles of stuff that I let accumulate in between the hectic end of last quarter and packing and unpacking for the big holiday return to Michigan. Now I have organized piles on shelves instead of stacks of old articles strewn about the room. I even vacuumed with the nice arm & hammer stuff that makes the place smell like a spring garden.

Continuing on my streak of productivity, I just finished watching an old episode of Buffy. It was the first appearance of Spike and it is amazing to see how well the Joss planned the show. Things that happen in early seasons take years to pan out and I am a huge geek to notice this.
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