December 11th, 2001

the only earth?

(SRMM Classic)

Most of the last few days were consumed by writing a paper about "the role of angiotensinogen mutation M235T in cardiovascular disease", but I know that some of you come here for jucier tidbits.

To get away from my paper for a couple of hours, I went to see Carissa's Wierd at Graceland. They played with Suffering and the Hideous Thieves & Angels of Light. It was sort of a strange scene. They didn't open the doors to the stage part of the club until late, so a bunch of people became crammed into the little hallway by the kitchen and bathrooms. The strangeness continued - during their set the band derided themselves a little bit and were overly gracious and surprised by people's clapping. At the end, they just went crazy and destroyed all of their equipment (except for the violin!). It was kind of funny - they seemed to have a good time wreaking havoc, but I never would've imagined them as the guitar smashing types.