November 30th, 2001

the only earth?

My big New York Thanksgiving Adventure (SRMM)

More elaboration later about:
My Thanksgiving trip to New York to visit Aaron.
highlights -

Macy's Parade;

Cooking dinner and playing fun games

the American Museum of Natural History (spectacular vertebrate cladograms - mammals have three ear bones!);

...tick...tick...Boom! and Joe McIntyre makes Jenna's dreams come true

looking for a place to eat Burritos. Finding that there is both a Greenwich Ave AND Street. Racing to the bottom of a frozen margarita.

Smush, the new television addiction is all over the subway

urban hiking - brooklyn neighborhoods, the Brooklyn Bridge, disaster tourism

italian food, and a lounge where people go to make out in public.

almost sleeping past my taxi to get to the airport. finding it's not so terrible to spend the day on a plane without proper morning grooming.