June 16th, 2001

the only earth?

And you'd thought I'd forgotten about you... (SRMM Classic)

This weekend was supposed to be about cramming for the prelim. Instead, I went to hear David Sedaris read at the University Bookstore. The signing line was strategically arranged to lead me past all of the books that I'd been meaning to buy. I found myself unable to resist Amy Fusselman's The Pharmacist's Mate and Lawrence Krauser's Lemon. And for good measure, Sedaris' Barrel Fever. There was some urgency in buying the books at the time since the UBS refund envelopes were due at the end of the month. Even worse, it looked like the specially signed copies were slowly running out, and the cover of lemon looked fairly involved with anti-advertising (?) slogans on the cover.

Then Sedaris writes "good luck beating that rape charge" in my book. I laugh a bit, but then I'm thrown for a few minutes. Was I sending off creepy rapist vibes? Maybe the non spikey hair was rapist like? Whatever. Learning to not over analyze.

And the non studying continued. Bright Eyes (Connor Oberst) was playing at the Showbox with Mates of State and Death Cab for Cutie so there was no hope for studying that night. I'd always assumed that it would be really ugly inside, but it was actually quite nice. There was a line all down 1st, so I was happy to get in. Since it was all ages, I thought that I could avoid spending lots of money on alchol, but there were lovely bars and even more wonderful gin. All of the bands were great, and I even caught a bus home, so the anti-taxi fares made up for it.