June 7th, 2001

the only earth?

an early blogger post moved to lj (SRMM Classic)

Okay, I am fully aware that stalkers are not, in fact, reading my mind. Or even this blog thing for that matter. It's just that was always jealous of how Doogie Howser MD had this little cool journal thing. Really, it was more of an annoying thing - who comes up with nice one sentence near epigrams every day?

Back to the stalkers. When I made this web page, I kept thinking, who wants to read this, who is my core audience. At this point, the lack of content on the site would lead me to believe that the audience would consist mostly of stalkers. I've been known to google for people's souls, so don't you folks feel embarassed.

See, I still pretend to think that people other than me are viewing this page. Very interesting. In the event that people are reading this, you can take the Incredible Leroy Moses off of your list of gifts to lay at my feet. I found it at the record store yesterday. A nice used copy, so I felt justified buying it. I don't think that I could've gone the full $13 for it, but with a few dollars off anything's possible. I was there to my purchase the new Radiohead CD, Amnesiac is pretty much like Kid A - so I think that it might require a couple of listens... Speaking of Kid A, it's gone missing. I'm hoping that it is at the CHRU and not left in a computer lab somewhere on campus. That would be sad to have to repurchase an album that I already owned (which is what has stopped me from re-buying Pablo Honey - stolen during the great Orion to Toad Lane move a few years ago.)

Yes, this blog is boring, but you've read this far, haven't you?