May 31st, 2001


cd release

"Aveo is Humble, and very pleased"


What I'm doing tonight:

(Sit & Spin) Everyone keeps telling me Aveo is just like the Smiths, but since I was never really into the Smiths, I can't vouch for that. What I can vouch for is that the band's shows (at least the two or three I have seen) have slapped me around quite well enough. And since this is a record-release party, this show will probably be some sort of big deal. (Side note: Check out Jeff the drummer's scrawny little arms, then sit back and ponder just how in the hell he hits so damn hard.) Plus, there is Poseur, and S (but we've said enough about them already). [ up & coming ]

It was really cool to be here to buy the CD & hear S live. [ backdated: too bad I didn't buy her CD, it's impossible to find in the future! ]
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