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May 27th, 1999



Boring driving to the East. We manage a glimpse of Rushmore and a dirt road never ending Into the Park. [ed (2004): seriously, no one can remember how we got onto this road. we read the map, but this barely satisfied the definition of a road. it was dirt forever and we kept expecting to be apprehended by government agents.]

Finally "at" the Badlands, we get to see some Prairie dogs and several views. Brad got us to do a quick hike into the Baddest of the Badlands, but no fossils.

the end of the tour [edited]

overused and now annoying phrases of the trip:
I mean... (all the time & sometimes several Instances per sentence)
passed out = sleeping


I have no photos of humans. pretty odd. Our group is decidedly anti-photo. Understandable I guess.

Either I (or they) have abnormal eating / bathroom habits / needs. Probably a combination of extremes.