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May 26th, 1999


if it's friday, it must be yellowstone

Big drive - Brad gets t0 race through Montana to yellowstone. Actually a really nice park overall. Not as immediately spectacular as others, but diverse sites.

Saw some bison ad mule deer, but no ferocious stuff. Brad is hip to rivers & water falls. Nice to see new trees after the 1988 fire.

We start at the hot springs which reek (sulfur bacteria) but are neat-0.

Then a few geyser walks. Echinus toys with us, but finally erupts for those of us that braved the cold rain.

We opted out of Old Faithful and hit the road. Dinner at Granny's

late night observation

Bob Dylan seriously has the most annoying Voice. Not a bad poet, but terrible singing. This + bad roads. + Brad driving: = stop writing now.