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May 21st, 1999


aloha, mahalo

Goodbyes aren't too mushy - still kinda sad to leave Hawaii and probably not Seeing Mark for a long time (if ever) long flight with the Same movie (I don't Watch) and the media Issue of George.

thoughts from the pacific

Mark's family was incredibly accommodating. crazy hospitality - they rented a Car for our use, bought food, gave up the living room, rented us Waikiki hotel rooms, bought snorkels, Mac Nut leis, Snorkeling stuff. For that, they got a Michigan blanket.

Brownie, the Nakamoto Dog was a super Cool Akita.

Renewed (newfound ?) love For super orange foods. (Cheeto's)

los angeles i'm yours

L.A. = huge parking cost and a drive to Venice. Brad turns into on-coming traffic and flips out. My turn to drive. No big. After a bit, we make it to Toi (a Jenna rave). Still in a Funk, Brad doesn't stay- choosing to roam the streets instead. We survive to enjoy a good Curry and extremely brown rice in the eclectic atmosphere. Then we go to a hostel on Orange street - tricky turn. and check in with moderate confusion about beds and parking.

Walk down to Hollywood to take in Some sights (of which there are none) and end. up getting 1:45 AM tickets to Star Wars at Mannis Chinese Theatre. Attempt to go clubbing, but after a LONG drive still-funky-Brad wants to change clothes so we run out of time.

So the Phantom Menace (Aka Star Whores: the phantom menage) isnt the best thing ever. Still, very cool to see it in LA with a big-ish line and huge screen.