May 19th, 1999


big island

got up early and flew to the big island. Rill Pineapple punch served aboard Aloha Flight 10 Picked up the Plymouth Breeze and were off to the grocery for breakfast ard Subway for a picnic lunch.

next stop: Volcanoes National Park - we buy A golden Eagle Pass for access to national Parks for a year. Many scenic views precede a hike through the rain forest down into a crater. we hike across and back up. Drive out of the park for beverages and back in for lunch.

Really long drive to Kona. Everyone get some sleep & we Miss the sites of interest in the rain. we check in to the Kona Bay Hotel (2 non-adjoining rooms girls/guys after Some odd thing about Brad & Dawn) and scope out the town. Then, we take Brad Swimming and watch bodysurfing. Best Sunset to date & no Cameras.

slipping is followed by Dinner at Sibu (erotic Indonesian). Then we go back to the Hotel and Plan For the Night life. of course, brad goes 40-Shopping We end up at this bar that doesn't feature Dancing and leave before ordering. Back to the hotel for a Phone book then the four of us (Mark goes to sleep) do the Kona crawl which leaves us with a couple of Bars - one of which features dancing to awful rap and girls in formalwear. Back to lulus which closes. the end.
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