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May 18th, 1999


tuesday, the west

For some reason, we only go to the beach long enough for Brad to swim ont to pester Surfers. I asked to be left behind, but we went away anyway. oh yeah, The prospect of another Beach / park With tide pools to occupy the non sun-worshipers Which turned out to be pretty far away (drive through mucho pineapple fields) and substandard in terms of Sand, Surfers, and other people.

Then, we bought a nice hibachi and grilled artificial meat at a new beach with better Sand. Devised a new pastime in shore sliding and tricking it up for the kids.

To end things off, a long walk to the western most point of the island through a nature preserve. Dodged some massive puddles to see some albatross and a sunset. Picked up some trash on the point Then, the same long walk back but this time in the dark with millions of stars.