May 17th, 1999


the ocean, alphabet

Morning = Snorkeling in Hanuma Buy. Rain makes it Kind of chilly. Still, fun to Swim through the Maze of the reef. No fins, So we stay in the calmer parts where idiots walk on the reef. lunch in the park where Brad chases birds.

Afternoon - Waikiki hotel
walk around town. there are way too many "ABC" stores here. Buy tickets to the big Island for later in the week. had Dinner at the J R Chinese Buffet and looked around more. Some what obstructed view of the Sunset.

Ally McBeal back at the hotel while brad and Dawn drink bottled Mai Tai mixer. Then off to the bar (?) Start at Dukes for a beachfront drink then Scruples with genuinely terrible music and Sad people and overpriced drinks. finally leave and set off for a better scene. Hundreds of blocks away, we find Wave pumping house where we jump and dance like crazy people. Really, though it was pretty fun and bizarre
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