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May 14th, 1999



It I've learned anything so far, it's that America is redey beautiful. Having now seen the Southwest, I have seen just a little part of the diversify of scenery, and it is amazing. We just crossed the Hoover Dam and are heading for Vegas. I should stop reflecting and start experiencing.

what happens in vegas ...

Twelve days later trying again. Definitely not good at this thing.

Back to where we left off... Stayed at Circus Circus in Vegas had 0 wait for Brad to buy liquor and for Dawn to cut his hair .. anyway, got to see Some of ER

Then we finally leave and walk all the way down the god-awfully-long strip. So much fake stuff and auto exhaust. Gambling does hot commence until much later because they want cheap roulette. Myself, I only really want to play 21 - the wheel doesn't make much sense.

Finally gambling, I go to blackjack while the others stay at Roulette. I do okay for awhile, then lose about 40 and quit. Not So good, But not terrible either. My fall from winning Coincides with a free gin drink. hmm . . .

the next day arriving only hours later was all about driving to L.A. and getting airborne. Long flight, food [veganMeal] not awful, my CD head phones let me hear Patch Adams - pretty Sappy - read a bit.


Mark and his parents picked us up at the airport while his parents took our bags home, Mark mad some wrong turns on the freeway. Strange part - no leis.

Eventually, we Made it home with Some chili and rice. After a quick and informative tour, we made plan, for a day at the beach .

Many futons and mattresses had been assembled So we took over the living room and fall asleep.