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May 13th, 1999


metacommentary, arizona

God, this journaling thing doesn't really work for me. a general lack of commitment is evident by the scarcity and frequency of my entries.

at this point, I find myself somewhere in Arizona(?). Having left the Mesa Verde National park a few hours ago, we are heading to the Grand Canyon. Some kind of awful folkish music is Keeping Brad awake as we cut Through the darkness of this 2-lane highway through the Navajo Country . It's the third night of our voyage to Los Angeles and to date, the trip has been quite eventful.

grand canyon

Today, we drove from our hell-on-earth Camping Site to the Grand Canyon. Breathtaking. It is so big and amazing that words aren't worthwhile. again, today was a hurried rush through the park-as if it was merely a box to be checked-off a list.

We hiked a little ways down into the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. I (the supplies carrier) forced the issue of early stopping after seeing countless gasping hikers making their way up the trail. While I thought this move was one of self-preservation, I didn't have nearly as much trouble With the ascent as the others did. It seemed like we needed to stop every few steps! I, the athsmatic was easily outpacing the rest of our group of aspiring hikers glad that we turned around early.

We saw some other lookout points before leaving. Again, I felt like I barely got a feeling for the park in the time it took for the others to be hopelessly bored. I just don't understand how that works. If I wanted ten three second views, I would have read National Geographic! Pictures can't convey the feeling of the sun and wind and depth from the rim.

I guess that this little bit is better than the previous one - I hope that it doesn't spoil future, longer visits.