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May 11th, 1999


day 2, spontaneous

The next morning, we contemplated skiing, but found that the resorts had closed for the season. A Stop at Barnes & Noble (where we waited outside to get in) to secure reading material for Brad brought hope as a listing for Arapahoe confirmed my belief of their late season. So, we were off into the Rocky Mountains. A Stop at A-Basin convinced us about the skiing, So we headed into Breckenridge to buy the necesaary Winter apparel (hats & gloves) which consumed a considerable amount of time as we went from store to store scoping. out the best post-season prices for our foray into winter adventures.

skiing, migraine, food

Returning to Arapahoe, we found ourselves faced nith the need to rent equiptment. I settled on 2 -year-old parabolics while the others chose "rec" straight skis. Being their first time, getting boots was a challenge especially for Dawn who required all sorts of accomodations to yet a somewhat comfortable (though improper fit).

By the time we had our skis, it was time for Ski-instructor me to teach the others how to make it down the hill. After some painful lessons about the importance of stopping and turning, I took a few real runs down higher slopes to give some practice time. It was wonderful to be back in Colorado skiing, an especially nice surprise for me.

The final run of the day was a horribly prolonged trip down "Wrangler." Nancy was definitely the fastest learner of the pack, dawn Made great turns for a while, but couldn't quite Master the getting up after a fall. Nevertheless, we made it to the end 0f the run
okay, now the next day (2 fallowing the actual events) So, by the end of the long green.,the place was closed so we returned our skis in a much speedier fashion than the rental. I ran up to get a postcard for the family to gloat that I Skiied in Colorado when they didn't.

By this point, I hadn't eaten a meal since Valentínos. This coupled with the wind, altitude, sun without sunscreen, and everything else ended up with a headache for me.
we tried to find the Mexican Restaurant in Frisco that we went to with Jim a few years ago to no avail. Then we stopped at a Ford dealership to fix the wipers. Some incompetent kid couidn't solve the problem so we forged onward.
Tylenol and sleep bided me to a nice Mexican place, Dos Hombres, ín Grand Junction with incredibly fast service.

a couple of hours of driving and we were to our First night of Camping. we picked tent at an RV park in Utah which had Fine shower facilities and provided a hike place to sleep.