January 12th, 1999


daily debrief

Random thought for tonight - it is 11 and I have been ready to go to sleep for quite Some time. very strange.

I'M pretty sure that I didn't accomplish any of last night's goals. go me.

well, today's Classes seem much more promising than yesterday's offerings.
Now Jon Stewart is on the daily Show. It is kind of strange. Not really the same without Kilborn. but, alas, it is only television.

the Capitalization rules of the newton don't make a single bit of sense to me.

other events du jour: walk to class which was in Erikson (morning surprise), buy Course pack, look for books at library, sit home and read NY Times. Watch Buffy and a Felicity rerun THEN a Discovery channel about the Hoover / Boulder dam.

That's the end of today - too tired for insight.
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