May 31st, 1998



after much reading in bed, today started with a shopping excursion for mom's birthday. this encompassed a visit to the mall and pier one followed by great harvest. Nothing quite like bread for birthdays!

when i got home, i went to Jimmy John's for lunch with Jennifer, Matt and Martha. the next big activity was mini-golf, followed by the mall. then pizza hut and a movie called Bulworth. After that, we went to melting moments, but it decided to get Ben and Jerry's ice cream from 7-11

Kris was at the mall, looking at roller blades with Kiet (?.) but he didn't have much to say or even introductions which was odd. Maybe something about worlds colliding?

Bulworth was pretty damn awful. This is not to say that it didn't have a good point, it was just too gimmicky for my tastes. I guess that if it needs to be in that Kind if package for audiences to "get it" i can cccept it, but it was a painful experience 'like most everything. just magnified. Jumping ship sounds nice especially during that show.
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