January 26th, 1998


neglect, perfectionist

Wow! It's been a whole week that I've neglected this
the perfectionist in me is dying to make up for the missing stuff so here goes:
Friday night: PM-rushed to do all my SHC Stuff / went to Jennifer's with Nick where he was mad about at me about syllogisms / went to shindu for dinner / watched" I Love you, I love you Not" (a claire danes movie) - horrible movie about wacked-out psychotic Claire wanting to hear tales of the Holocaust from granny. / went to the bar with Fred, Jennifer, Dawn (small Planet - Steppin In It) many co-opers on the scene

Saturday: a big day for laundry. @ midnight BW3 with Katie, Jill, John, Tom, et. al Nr Jill's 21st. my Psychic ability was revealed during Interactive trivia. we became the cool table and finished in 2nd place twice.

Sunday: general laziness

Monday: nonstop fun had to go to Bio meeting, then the soon to be dropped Genetics, then ASMSU Policy, had to leave early for everlasting Board which needs refining let me tell you. Ice cream & Toast
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