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If you haven't listened to it already, last week's This American Life featured some good stories. Act One was about a guy who tried to start a cable network, the puppy channel.

I'm sort of in that inevitable phase where I've realized that This American Life is among the best things ever.


definitely. I loved how much of perception can be influenced by the media the way his opinion made all of these polar changes within the span of a few minutes.

and the story about the guy who's re-writing the bible! that has the potential to be a really interesting project.
That reall is an inevitable realization. But so, so true.
right. it's not that i didn't believe it was good, it just takes time and memory; along with patience and attention.

I just noticed that audible.com sells episodes for easy downloads for only about $3 each. it might be easier than going to the trouble of capturing the audio.