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ick. I think airline air left me feeling like I have a cold or something. Which is separate from the breathing issues. I don't know.

Watching the Sunday news shows, it appears that the war hasn't started yet. This is good, but not really since it seems like it will be soon. I heard something about the military preferring to have a moonless sky for the invasion. Hmm. The UW page says that the moon is waxing crescent with 36% of the moon's visible disk illuminated. I wonder what that means for war plans.

ick (pt. 2): very much need to start writing a paper today. selecting a topic would be a good start.


Yep. So I guess it's full on the 18th? That's gonna be bad news, if we go to war. At least they're not launching on the Ides of March.

Did you know you always see the same side of the moon in any given spot on earth all year round? That's why different cultures developed such contrasting "_____ in the moon" stories (man, rabbit, etc.).
yeah. or maybe the moon thing is just a rumor that the military released to confuse Iraq.

I did know that about the same side of the moon. I remember learning about it (maybe in physics), but it's pretty neat. I think it is related to both the earth and the moon having the same rotational velocities?
Speaking of confusing, did you hear that Sadam plans to dress his soldiers up in American military uniforms and have them murder civilians while his TV cameras are rolling? According to msnbc at least.