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long flight -> boredom -> lots of typing

Now I'm on the airplane, in something like business class because of my general cluelessness about finding a restroom to change out of my beach clothes and being on my way to Seattle after asking about an exit row. It is an entirely great set-up, and I'm reminded of something in The Autograph Man about how much effort is put into distinguishing between the different sections of the plane.

Right. And on the plane, now alone again, I'm thinking about how going to these conferences with a group of people is almost like going to summer camp. Now I'm in the sad that it's over phase combined with the unpleasantness of returning from vacation to deadlines, responsibilities, and assignments. As much as the temperature in Miami would definitely be overwarm for my tastes in a few months, there is something to be said for warm lightly humid days and evenings in March with evenings that easily extend well into the early hours of the morning without jackets. Not to mention having the ocean in your backyard.

This morning's activities: pack our suitcases, go to one session (a debate about the high-fat diet). Lucia, Eyal, and I rent a car, check out of the hotel, and drive to Vizcaya (?) to tour the mansion and gardens. It turns out to be our lucky day, the place is celebrating its 50th anniversary of opening -> free entry and refreshments. On top of that, we manage to avoid the wild dogs mentioned in the warning sign on the gate.

After several turnings-around, we go to Key Biscayne beach to find that the water is extremely shallow. With our swimming expedition aborted, we sit on the beach for our last few minutes in Miami. I try to rinse the salt and sand of myself before going to the airport. We get to the airport with plenty of time and Lucia and Eyal drop me off on their way to the Ft Lauderdale airport.

Now: I've been reading "Zooey" and felt like taking a break, but it's time to land in Texas so this might be a good time to stop this cataloging of the trip to date. As usual, there will be a few pictures, but not many.

[ x ]

Later: having finished "Zooey", watched Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, replied to some email, read chunks of a couple magazines, and taxied back to the light cool rain of Seattle, I realize that this needs editing and expansion. Backdating seems like a good tomorrow morning activity.

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