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so glad I bought Febreze today on my errand running. Just realize how badly my clothes smell of smoke. It never bothers me when I'm at a bar, but once I get home, it is so fun to be able to just shed that smell.

I'm so ready to fall asleep.

So much for the February resolution of improved journal quality. I'll keep working on it. It will get better. I swear.


hello...i found you [randomly] clicking through people's journals in a fit of boredom...you like lovely, lovely, music...and on the subject of the guy from aveo working at urban outfitters, if he's not...he looks strikingly similar. febreze is the BEST. so is that downy wrinkle releaser stuff, what a lifesaver.


wow. thanks for "justify[ing] my existence" with your super-nice comments. I hope I provided at least a tiny bit of relief from your boredom fits!


you're gross

Why don't you just go and wash your clothes instead?

No, just kidding with ya - you know I love ya! And that I also own Febreeze (and that Downy stuff)

Re: you're gross

An alert reader (Jenna) pointed out that I should let people know that the Febreze was used for a jacket. It is not for anything gross like underwear to avoid actual laundry.