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So I'm here in Miami, but my fellow conference attendees have already checked in and gone out to do something. But, they didn't leave a message so I'm just hanging out in the hotel and typing into my livejournal. I guess that's their reward for taking an 8 am flight instead of a 10 am.

Well, first I walked to the ocean and got my feet (and jeans) wet.

Except for the excitement of being able to trade a center seat for a window exit row., my travels were uneventful. I gave my vegetarian meal to someone else and one of the flight attendants rewarded my "kindness" by smuggling me first class foods later.

For one of the flights, I watched Rules of Attraction on my iBook. Like the book, I liked it, though there wasn't really a "story" or a "point" to any of it. I think that's the point, but whatever. Also, it was a strange movie to view in semi-public with all of the sex and drug action, but the people around me didn't really seem to mind.

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after posting this, I walked on the boardwalk for a few blocks and heard my fellow attendees on the deck of a nearby hotel restaurant. I investigated, and it wasn't an auditory hallucination; so we met up, returned to the hotel, looked at maps, and made some plans. The hotel room sharing worked out pretty well. the girls got the room with two beds and a balcony in exchange for letting the two boys have the other room.

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