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today's very special lesson: artichokes don't go in the garbage disposal.

I think I'll need to dedicate some of this weekend to studying and writing papers. I've been neglecting it all quarter and it will be good to maybe have some of that done before going to Miami.


garbage disposal newbie question

What happened?

Re: garbage disposal newbie question

The disposal became clogged with all of the shredded pieces of artichoke; leaving a clogged drain. I guess I underestimated the amount of fibrous stuff contained in a single artichoke.

I always put food waste down the disposal since it seems better than throwing it away (yet not as good as composting). This was the first time that my strategy failed.

Re: garbage disposal newbie question

orange peels are my favorite.


hey ive been looking for a lj code for a while now and havent been able to get one! i really really want a livejournal though. Dont you get another code in a week or something? well if i do then i will be glad to give that back to you. well thanx 4 your time either way! my email addy is dch281@yahoo.com if you do have one that you could spare! thanx again! ps~ good luck with the studying!