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The Life of Onni:

A strange/lovely/sad Finnish flash documentary that follows the eleven months in the life of a pig.


1) Whenever I see something like this, I always want to see who ends up eating the pig. Can't they take it that far?
2) It's ridiculous that slaughterhouses don't let cameras inside. unless they're trying to protect a patent or something, the process should not be hidden from consumers. If i'm taking part in something that bothers me morally, I have a right to know.
You're right. A picture of a little Finnish kid eating sausage would've been an appropriate ending to the filmstrip. Since they show so many kids looking at the piglets in the beginning, it would've provided a nice balance to the story.

One of the tabs in that flash website had a photo from the slaughterhouse with a text description of the process. I wasn't really sure if the "filmmakers" really had a point of view about the morality of killing pigs. Honestly, that pig farm was probably much more humane than a lot of American factory farms.

This long piece from the New York Times Magazine, An Animal's Place by Michael Pollan, looks at some of the issues related to animal rights and meat production. Toward the end he visits a place called polyface farms as an example of humane farming, and discusses the importance of being able to see the process. He argues that making the process more transparent would do a great deal to correct some of the brutality of industrial meat production.