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I really think that some one should institute a rule to prohibit journalists (or headline writers) from using stupid metaphors like "Turkey's Almost Done" [slate] or "Turkey Wrangling" [CNN] unless the story is actually about the type of bird raised in Turkeyville, MI.

I realize that being a headline writer is probably hard work, and it must be so exciting when something like this comes along: country & bird! the possibilities are endless! I'm just asking for a little restraint. It's just like the much abused "Smoke & Fire" and "Fire & Ice" commentary about Michigan State athletics last year [are these even the right pairings?].


Fire & Ice was definitely an actual pairing, and I know it was Smoke and something, but I don't know if that something is Fire.

Turkeyville has excellent giant jawbreakers.
I just remember taking one of Aaron's foreign exchange students there. What were we thinking?!

Actually, it's the only time that I'd been there. I can only imagine what kind of impression of America foreign exchange students get from these weird random trips that people take with them.
I used to go there all the time with my family and also with the Maltby family. It must be because our parents all grew up in the City Of Racial Tension, and it's so close to there, that we went so frequently.

We used to always take our exchange students to the craziest places. We had some Japanese girls once for a week and we took them to Frankenmuth to go to Bronners. I have no idea why. I'd never even been there before, so why subject them? I think my mom used exchange students as an excuse to take us to weird places we'd never been before, and didn't really want to go to in the first place. No wonder everyone thinks Americans are nuts.