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just got back from our attempt at playing pool... Started out at Garage with Rachel, Elena, Kate, Carol, Nick, Paula, and some other people. We hung out there for about an hour waiting for a table. Eventually, the opportunity for bribes came up, and that was somehow vetoed.

After that, we decided to head off to the Comet. We actually got a pool table fairly quickly, but Carol and I lost to Nick and Jen(?). Actually, I sucked it up big time. But that's okay, I guess.

This allowed time for discussions involving, Van Halen, piercing, midriff, animal print, the Jacksons, etc. The Comet is such a dive. Poor Rachel was forced to witness repeated ass crack viewings of a guy wearing a "Back in Black" T-shirt. Somehow I'm immune to second-hand smoke, but my drivers were bothered so now I'm home.

I have this weird thing where I drink and can remain in relatively decent control in public, but once I'm alone I fee utterly trashed. It's a coping/control mechanism I guess. I didn't drink an incredible amount: a strong gin & tonic at Garage, and three or four pints at the Comet. I'm not impaired or anything, just tipsy now. But I'm still typing, so that must count for something, right?

OK, I'm counting this as a 02-02-02 post even though it's well after midnight. I think that I should try to drink some H2O before I go to sleep. That's it. Good night.

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