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back. and procrastinating

Tonight's activities started with dinner at Thai-ger Room. This time I made sure not to accidentally order soup, and enjoyed my meal a lot more. I also managed to not have leftovers, which felt sort of like a victory. But that's probably not a healthy attitude about food?

The second part of the evening was going to SureShot and reading old magazines. The great discovery of the evening was their "ohmo", an orange mocha (she even used non-dairy whipped topping on my soy-based beverage!). It's a great drink idea that tastes like those chocolate oranges that break into individual slices. Go figure.

While we were sitting around, I discovered that none of them had even heard about the movie Kangaroo Jack! At least the barista was able to support my claims of this film's existence. I brought it up only to point out that a couple of new movies almost look as offensively stupid: particularly Bringing Down the House starring Steve Martin & Queen Latifah. That's what I get for reading Entertainment Weekly.

Back at home, instead of returning to homework I'm watching Buffy, Slayer of Vampires.
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