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undenial of service

Livejournal is back, but I really don't have much to write.

Yesterday was typical: classes and meetings for most of the day. Today was not particularly thrilling either. After class this morning, instead of working I just hung out at home. I sort of feel like I'm getting a cold? which was a good excuse to be lazy and read. I read a little of the New Yorker and started The Autograph Man. It feels like forever since I've read an actual book.

Later, I went to the drugstore, cheated on my barber, and bought some CDs: Ben Kweller Sha Sha, Hot Hot Heat Make Up The Breakdown, and The Postal Service Give Up. The night of big fun continues with my friend the television!


hot hot heat is definitely rock.
I saw them with The Dismemberment Plan (R.I.P.) and you are certainly correct, sir.

still, the review at Pitchfork both likes them and wrestles over their emo-ness.
I was going to burn Postal Service for you. I haven't listened to Give Up much at all.

What do you think?
oh, I didn't realize you had it. It was only released on Tuesday! oh well. more money for Sub Pop.

I've only half-listened to it; so no comment at this time. Except to say that I had to skip the song about JFK.