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the what I did today post

To celebrate President's [Presidents? Presidents'?] Day, we gathered at Carole's apartment to watch a four-hour Indian movie called Lagaan. Rachel picked up food from Cedar's and Carole made multi-fruit lassis. We had to make a run for caffeine at the intervention. I can't really say that the movie was good, though Bryan tried to convince us to be nicer to it.

However, I'm not complaining--watching a movie musical about villagers who play cricket to avoid excessive taxes was an entertaining way to spend an overcast afternoon.


I really wanted to see Lagaan and your lukewarm review does not change my mind. Wasn't there also singing and weird fantasy, in the style of Bollywood?

(ps: Presidents' Day, I would think, and do you mean "intermission?")
I guess it was entertaining. It was just incredibly predictable and not at all complicated.

There were a few musical numbers with dancing and at least once scene when a character has a fantasty. The movie might qualify as Bollywood, but I don't know the specific criteria.

Yes, I think intermission is what I meant, but a caffeine intervention is kind of funny.


United States Office of Personnel Management (http://www.opm.gov/fedhol/2003.asp) lists February 17 as Washington's Birthday with this note: This holiday is designated as "Washington's Birthday" in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code, which is the law that specifies holidays for Federal employees. Though other institutions such as state and local governments and private businesses may use other names, it is our policy to always refer to holidays by the names designated in the law.