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February must have been pretty sneaky. Walking home tonight, I realized that even though we're more than two weeks into a new month, I'd completely missed the point that there were bills waiting to be paid. I guess that explains why my bank account seemed a little high.

I can't even think of any good excuses. I feel so stupid.


Did I tell you about the time that it was December, and then it was Christmas, and I forgot to pay the bills completely? And so when bills came in January, I was shocked at how high they were? And then I realized that I had forgotten to pay every single bill?

It happens.


Yeah. I was only a couple of days late with my credit card bill. I really don't mind the late fee, but I'll be upset if it messes-up my APR or credit report or something like that.

The rent is like 20 days past due. But whatever. Maybe they'll throw me out and force me to find a new apartment. But then, that might not be so good in terms of being approved ...