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here goes

I don't know why I feel compelled to document my media consumption. I watched About A Boy last night and thought that it was really well done, an intelligent feel-good movie. I've been trying to think about how it compared to the book by Nick Hornby, but I read it a few years ago--long enough that that I didn't remember enough details to be bothered by differences.

For those of you keeping track of my movements, I'm off to see The Hours. Apparently not what you'd call a feel-good movie. Maybe I should've reversed the order?


Did you like The hours? I hated it - but I wasn't depressed when I saw it. I think that you have to be depressed when you see it to enjoy it.

The only 2 Oscar picks that I haven't seen are Gangs of New York and The Pianist. Have you seen either? Thoughts?

The only one I want to win is The Two Towers.

I loved About A Boy. Matt hated it - he turned it off half way through. Can you believe it?

The movie was very similar to the movie, which was nice.
Hmmm. Interesting theory about The Hours, though I'm not sure I agree. I thought it was good, but I wasn't crazy about it or anything. I think I expected it to be more depressing and the score by Phillip Glass to be more annoying. With that setup, it's probably strange that I saw it at all! So, I guess it's fair I didn't have overly high expectations.

I've seen the same Oscar contenders as you. I'm only mildly interested in seeing The Pianist even though it's supposed to be very good. I have even less desire to see Gangs of New York, which seems like "dirty people killing each other" to me. I don't have any opinion about which one should win. I seriously doubt that The Two Towers will win though. They'll have to wait for Return of the King to win any major awards.

Did Matt hate About a Boy for any specific reason?
Yes, I also think that the 3rd LOTR will be the one that wins all of the awards. Oh well. I feel the same about the other two Oscar movies - don't really want to see them all that badly.

I guess Matt said that About A Boy was boring and couldn't capture his interest.
Hate is a strong word that I did not use, especially since I didn't see the whole thing. I just didn't find the story very compelling so, since it was very late, I turned it off halfway through.

It was disheartening to see that Peter Jackson wasn't nominated for Best Director. Did he win last year? Chicago has all the momentum; I will be surprised if it doesn't win.
Last year, the best director award went to Ron Howard for A Beautiful Mind.