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out of order

also: pictures from Friday night:

[ Click ] to see gin & tonic (some glowing), a light fixture as a placeholder, fun people, abdomens, the decemberists, and carissa's wierd.


those photos are pretty awesome! did carissa's wierd play a good show?

Though I wish they would've played more old stuff, I thought carissa's wierd were pretty excellent (as usual). they didn't seem to have any problems and appeared to be having a good time on stage.

in addition to the avril levigne cover, they mostly played songs from their newest album with a few from their others like the one about an ugly valentine (which is a really great song too).
I'm so glad you posted these.

director's cut?

really? I have more (mostly the blurry Ellen-Amber / stolen chair series with some others of Carissa's Wierd) if you want them.

Re: director's cut?

Yes I do want them!

Re: director's cut?

I was lazy and just put all of them in a new folder:


let me know if you want the "originals" for any of them.
that is an awesome picture, josh.
thanks ashley!

I think it's the tonic that glows.