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give peace a chance

Despite the morning weather, I'm glad that I decided to go to the peace rally at Seattle Center. Not protesting on account of rain would have been a really lame excuse and the The weather turned out to be pretty decent anyway.

Carole and I planned to meet on the 74 bus, but when I saw the crowds at the bus stops it was pretty evident that the bus would be overfilled. It was kind of funny seeing the tiny bus packed with people and ignoring bus stops. We caught an express bus to the tunnel and took the monorail to Seattle Center. The politeness of Seattleites always impresses me. A tiny example: people coming off the elevator to board the monorail deferred to the people who took the stairs!

The rally was OK. The speakers weren't exceptionally good (for instance: a US Congressman reading a silly poem), but the crowd was a great cross section of the population: people with kids, dogs, grandparents for peace, punks for peace, etc. etc. Just being around all of those people, reading their signs, and taking lots of crappy pictures was fun. The general good vibes continued on the long march to the INS building in the International District. For the first half of the march, everyone would cheer whenever the monorail would pass overhead. It was pretty funny.

Another funny detail: a few blocks into the march, I realized that a certain singer with a questionable hat was directly behind us. He didn't seem to be too bitter about the unsolicited (and unqualified) fashion advice from last night and joked about how he was still wearing the hat. However, I did notice that it didn't stay on his head for very long.

Big Fun Saturday? Now I guess I'll sort through my pictures and try to put some of them online to contribute to the overexposure of the event.


I'm so happy that you went to the peace rally.

Did you read the dream I had about you?
Yeah. I'm happy I went too. Why didn't you go to the one in Raleigh? Oh yeah. Saturday School?

You could've carried a "Teachers for Peace" sign and taken all of your kids there with poignant anti-war signs. I'm sure the parents would've loved that.


I did read the dream. Very funny stuff. I guess I should get to work on getting my novels published.
Honestly, I didn't even know that there was one in Raleigh. But I did have Sat. school.