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sheep go to heaven

R.I.P. Dolly

... If peaceful rest is even possible for someone scheduled to be displayed in the National Museum of Scotland.

If this news isn't quite as heartbreaking to you as it was to me, happy valentines day! your chocolate is made by child slave labor


Oh I was just about to post this@!!!!

Great title, by the way

great minds ...

thanks. I always liked that nonsensical Cake song. Now I'll just associate it with Dolly. Too bad they didn't have a funeral for her.

Re: great minds ...

Re: great minds ...

are you trying to make me cry?

now that's just mean. she was a mother! think of the orphans!

Those diamond earrings are the result of bad things too.

I can't believe you're that heartbroken over Dolly. It's not like you're Ian Wilmut.
When I was reading that article, I kept thinking, "yeah, but everything in the USA is pretty much produced in a horrible way." It made me a little sad that I couldn't get more worked up about it. Outrage overload prevention or blissful (not quite)ignorance, I guess.

Oh, I wonder how Ian Wilmut is taking all of this. While it might be very sad for him, he probably has lots of cloned sheep by now. Dolly belonged to all of us. She was everyone's first cloned mammal icon.

Maybe the tone of the article accentuated my sadness. It seemed so clinical, how she was "put to death" and is going to be autopsied. How she was plagued by ill health in her last years . . . I dunno, I had a good cry over the whole thing and will try to put it behind me.
crappy fair trade vegan chocolate candy bars aren't made by child slave labors
yeah. I probably should've been more accurate and typed "your chocolate is probably made from child slave labor."


perhaps... perhaps