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After class and wasting time at home, I went grocery shopping. At three different stores. It leaves me feeling like a crazy person, but I just don't subscribe to the earthy breakfast cereals sold at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. At least I have things to eat now. I think having empty cupboards leaves me feeling a little depressed.

Not that I really cook anything more complicated than a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. It was on good bread with good cheese, so that's something.


oh. tickets to London are really inexpensive. Does anyone want to flee the country during the end of March? I'm only halfway considering it, but my passport (complete with horrible picture) arrived this week.


When can you go? I'd love to - maybe if we took the same airline, we could like - end up in Toronto and then fly across the ocean together. I'm serious - they're only $211 from here. I'm tracked out in March.
It looks like the fare sale is still on. I need to check to see if and when I have any exams, but I think I'd be able to go as early as 17 March and return as late as 2 April.

One of the flights (KLM) is through Amsterdam, another is through Detroit (NW), I might have seen one through Houston; so I don't know about meeting in Canada and flying over the ocean together . . .
I'm iced in at Jeff and Beckies so I don't have my calendar - but I think I can go on the 17th, but I'd have to be back by the 21st maybe? something like that.

I saw the fare through Toronto.
The 17th is a Monday, the 21st is a Friday.
Most of the cheap fares seem to be mid-week.
I don't think that it'll work then. I have the 2 weeks plus that week off, but I have to be at school on the 20th and 21st.

too bad. I was starting to get into the possibility of going.

I just don't see myself going alone.
I know! I really want to go, and I have 3 weeks off during the time that is good for going, but . . . I can't see myself going alone, and I don't know anyone who is off when I am off who wants to go to London right now.