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greek letters

Pretty average Wednesday. I was going to try to put it in equation format, but decided against it due to laziness. You can check the calendar for references.

some items: bagels for breakfast and lunch; GPSS is against selling student information to MBNA (unless ASUW says it's OK) and is against the war in Iraq, and doesn't have time to stay for a whole meeting; half of the wines in my experimental college class were good; yams and potatoes from Agua Verde for dinner.

Watching television now. Do people really play "duck, duck, goose" * with text messaging?

*that's Duck, Duck, Grey Duck for those of you in Minnesota.


How do you play duck duck goose (and wtf is duck duck grey duck???) with text messaging?

wild goose, or wild chase?

you send a "duck" message to everyone except for one person who gets "goose" then you run around.

at least that's how they do it on the Verizon commercial.


I think "duck duck grey duck" is the same thing.

Re: wild goose, or wild chase?

Indeed it is. I was oblivious to a game called "Duck Duck Goose" until later in life.

Duck Duck Goose: "Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck............ goose"

Duck Duck Grey Duck: "Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck.......... smelly duck, purple duck, scary duck, duck....... duck, duck, grey duck"

Or something like that. At least when I played DDGD, it was a spark for the creative, ad-libbing side of all of us.

Um... yeah.

At least it's easier than the Bulgarian version