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continuting the cool-2b-real beef meme: a short article in salon.com with a comment from PETA.


Oh my god, that writer is terrible!
"Granted, PETA runs its own Web site to shamelessly recruit kids to its vegan, animal-rights cause, but whatever your position is on frog dissection, at least PETA's up front about what they're selling."
Shamelessly!? Veganism will make these kids not be so fat. Grrr.. I hate people who have a thing against veganism.
I think there's a big difference between Vegans and PETA. Yet there can be people in both of those groups. Many of the vegans I know choose the way of living because it seems to give them the higher form of wellness, yet they don't become extremists and start witchhunting all the omnivores and cattle ranchers in the world.
There's nothing inherently wrong with being shameless...

From the OED: Shamelessly: In a shameless [ 1. Lacking shame, destitute of feelings of modesty; impudent, audacious, immodest; insensible to disgrace. ] manner, without shame.

I'm not sure that the writer is condemning veganism, just contrasting the two sites in terms of their honesty about their motives. If anything, she's attempting to be value-neutral and comment on the delivery of the message.

PETA shamelessly tries to persuade teens to be vegan; the Beef Council covertly tries to get girls to eat beef. They're attempting to advertise beef eating in a subtle way--by mixing it into a low quality girl power site.