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VH1 is showing a series called "I love the 80s". The collection of washed-up and B-level celebrities (sometimes both) is nearly as interesting as the soundbites they provide about various media events of the 1980s. There is one for each year.

For instance, I've been watching 1986: The Mets winning the world series, Whitney Houston, Stand By Me, ALF, Pretty In Pink, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith & Run DMC, Top Gun.

It is incredibly entertaining.


I loved Michael Ian Black talking about the double entendre in Brooke Sheild's Calvin Klein Jeans ad.
I missed that part, but Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca's commentaries are definitely the best parts of that show.
they should make it into dvds. everything cool should be put on dvd.
I agree. Everything should be available for asynchronous viewing.

(one of the B-list celebrities was Soleil Moon Frye.)
I LOVE that series!
I only saw 86-89.
so far, 1986 was the best.