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sleep please

Three mediocre [to poor] bands at Chop Suey--The Divorce, Water Kill Sun (?), Dear John Letters--drained any energy I had and mixed with general tiredness. The first two bands had vocal issues: The Divorce might have been good without the unnecessary screaming; and the last band was a little to jammy.

During the show, I kept thinking how much I'm looking forward to seeing bands that I actually like. For instance: Carissa's Wierd and The Prom next Friday!



rilo kiley is playing next thursday

Re: fyi..

thanks. i'll try to remember.
For some reason, I think it's Water Kills the Sun.

I have no evidence to verify this. Sorry I dragged you out to bad music.


from The Stranger website:
* CHOP SUEY--Dear John Letters, Water Kill the Sun, the Divorce, $7
I really don't mind the "bad" music, but just noticed this only a few lines below the Chop Suey listing:

* GRACELAND--Pretty Girls Make Graves, Akimbo, the New Mexicans (8 pm, all ages), $8

More buzzy stranger bands, though I have no evidence that they're any better than what we saw.