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what I learned today: the Health Sciences Library now charges 15¢ per side.

That is almost as annoying as the orange terror alert. I wouldn't mind the terror alerts so much if they were even slightly meaningful to the general public.

There were other things, like learning that it was Friday and not Saturday, going to techfee where I had my first Krispy Kreme donut (cold, unimpressive), watching television on tape, etc.


Krispy Kreme is gross.
yeah. even the mini-donuts from Pike Place Market are usually better.
We just had a huge discussion about Krispy Kreme last night!

1 - at first taste they are always gross to a person who knows the value of a Dunkin' Donut.

2 - they are MUCH better if they're warm

3 - if you're a doughnut person and you keep eating them, they'll grow on you

4 - they're so sugary it makes (some) teeth hurt when you bite into them
what I learned about Krispy Kreme last night:
they make other kinds of donuts (not just the glazed kinds)
their chocolate glazed cake donut isn't in the same league as dunkin' donuts
lukewarm is definitely better than cold, so hot is possibly good
i'm still reserving judgement, but am not crazy for them