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yellow to orange

You're probably wondering what to do given the now "high risk of terrorist attacks". Don't worry! The Department of Homeland Security has a great website with lots of informative answers.

What I'm really wondering is: how long it will take for them to change the nifty graphic on the top right corner of their homepage?</p>


Josh: does anyone else besides you and I think this, system shall we call it, is completely ridiculous and insane? I don't understand the whole "be aware, but don't worry" philosophy at all. What the hell is the point. The "attacks are likely" but "don't change your plans".

I hope that other people think it's stupid. The thing is, I'm not a fan of terror. But the reason I hate it is because it seems completely and utterly pointless. Maybe it makes sense for secret government agencies, but it doesn't mean anything at all for the general public.

You wouldn't think that if we were really at a "high" risk of terrorism that maybe something in our daily lives should change. But no! Just go about your business, don't change your plans or activities, just be aware.

It just seems like a way to distract people and news media. Like, maybe if they start thinking about terror, they'll forget about the war, the horrible economy, dick cheney's energy secrets, the stupid tax cut, etc.
Right. I don't want terror to happen. But I don't think that me being aware of it being more likely to happen is going to stop it. And, yes, I think you're right, people are distracted by colors.