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as promised . . .

Probably not of interest to many of you, but here are some pictures from tuesday night. Click to see graduate students on bulldozers, answering trivia, eating candy, and winning T-shirts for knowing more trivia than our opponents.

[ tuesday night photos ]


i <3 finn maccools. we were there last night and "hank" was pitching the trivia night to us.
yeah. when we arrived they were waiting for people to show up so that they'd have at least three teams.

it seems like he's trying to build his quiz night dreams into reality. when we played it was sort of in a test phase. I think he wants it to develop into an event with huge cash prizes.


what is this game ?

Re: query...

those are our answers to the quiz. the person writing our answers thought that drawing pictures for each answer would increase our chances of victory.