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in summary

last night, I was pretty convinced that I wouldn't feel like going to class in the morning. when I woke up feeling fine, I still didn't go on principle. I hadn't done the reading, so I really didn't see the point.

Instead, I went to the office and printed and mailed my manuscript. Whee. Fun stuff.

After a full day of fun at the CHRU and a GPSS meeting, I went to an experimental college class about wine. It was o.k. I'm not really sure that I learned anything particularly useful. Some label terminology and four wines.

I grabbed some take-out from Agua Verde before meeting up with Ellen, Al, and Brian. We went to the Crocodile and gave Brian a quick primer on hipsters, indie, and emo. The bands were New American Standard, Pris, and the Lashes. I don't necessarily think that any of the bands were "good", but the Lashes are pretty funny.

[ click the picture for a few more pictures ]
The best part is that they played the Kathleen [Wilson] song. I was able to capture most of it on mp3 for your listening pleasure.



What's that top middle one supposed to be a picture of?
I think it's a picture of you and Jess[ica?]. For some reason pictures taken in the dark without a flash tend to turn out all strange and blurry. Yet flash photography feels so intrusive . . .

I'm terrible about quality control with pictures, because I never really know what people might want to see. And web pictures don't really take up a lot of physical space, so it's easy to be careless.