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this entry is mondaylike.

at work today, there was a baby shower. tempted by the free food, I attended. It was slightly entertaining: memory games, modified scattergories, and gift opening. After each gift was opened, it was passed around the room for closer inspection. I don't know. I don't attend many functions of this nature, but I found it a rather strange practice.

Oh well. Anthropological expeditions, I guess.

Not much else of particular interest. Some work on the high-end weight-losers / risk-reducers and some exercise of my own. Now, I'm thinking about getting ready for Dante's; noticing that the Counting Crows are on Boston Public. For some unspecified reason, I find this slightly funny.

p.s. another commercial crossover: one of the Dell Interns is on a Verizon text-messaging commercial.


those dell interns remind me of the some of the kids I worked with at RealNetworks. Some of them were the biggest advocates of RealPlayer. It was actually quite funny.. I mean I liked the products and such but these folks would eat, sleep, and breathe their summer internships @ real.
We used to do Christmas that way at my house. Each person would open a gift, and then we would pass it around. This still goes for birthdays.

It's very primate-like, when you think about it.
Yeah. Sometimes I enjoy thinking about the primate aspects of humans. Not always in real situations though. For instance: primates in classrooms wearing lab coats, etc. I don't know why.
I HATE it when you pass presents around for closer inspection. As just having hosted a shower for Ashley and her baby, I was like (in my head of course) "why am I looking at this on my lap? I just watched her opened it and saw it just fine".
right. it isn't as if I can't understand what an article of baby clothing is without picking it up and holding it myself. maybe it's good for people who can't see more than a few feet across the room--oooh, so that's what that fuzzy blob was, a little shirt! how cute!!