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now saturday was yesterday

This morning, I woke up sort of late and saw the news about the space shuttle exploding during re-entry. I still watched the McLaughlin Group, though I felt like I should be watching CNN. This was a strange impulse, since they continued to cover it all day long.

Later, I saw Chicago with Rachel. I liked it. It's always interesting to see how musicals negotiate the whole "we're singing and dancing in the middle of a regular scene". For a few minutes, I was worried that it was going to be too long, but it really wasn't. I had a similar worry about Renée Zellweger, but that also turned out OK.

I tried to find something to wear for Tim's (et. c) art installation on the Ave. Even though I failed [not quite: I did buy some sunglasses that I didn't wear very much and were secretly taken from me], I was able to get rid of an old credit from Buffalo Exchange. I bought an "ugly shirt" brand polo shirt.

Had I not consulted with Ellen, I would've gone to the rooftop art installation in beach clothing--surf shorts, flip-flops, etc.--instead of the suit that I resorted to wearing. The rooftop was really good. There were belly dancers there, which I thought was an interesting touch. I spent most of the time in the make out themed (?) room. It was filled with pillows and a mattress. I took some pictures but don't feel like dealing with them now.

The "after party" (a.k.a. the roof closes at eleven) was in a really warm apartment down the street. The whole apartment was pretty sparse, and very gallery-like. After hanging out in another side room with the Tim, Al, Cori, and Ryan until they left, I realized that I needed to be a lot more drunk to enjoy the rest of the people at the party. I figured this out much too late to do anything about it. Upsetting details from that party: dead cat in the freezer, guy in jedi robes breaking things, insanely talkative guy who had a lot of things to say without a point.

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